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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love Letters

Alrighty, I'm pretty sure this will be the last post for the day. Bare with us as we get into a good rhythm for posting.

Anyway, I just thought this was a pretty cool way to think about reading the Bible. My grandparents came over this evening and were just talking with my family. My grandfather told us about how he had been reading some love letters that my grandmother had written to him when they were engaged. He said it was nice to be able to go back and read all the sweet and loving things she had written. He also said that it was a good reminder of how much they really do love each other. Is this not exactly what the Bible is to us from God? Basically, it is a big book of love letters from God to His children reminding us each and every day how much He loves us. But, we have to take the initiative to go back and read it, or else we don't always remember all the sweet and loving things He's written to us.

So my challenge to you is to go back and read your love letter from God. Make it into a habit so you never forget how much He loves you. I have to work on this myself.

In Service to the King,

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Brooke said...

I love your blog!!! God did give us a giant book of love letters and guidance. We, like you said, need to take the initiative.
In regards to what Lauren posted earlier, God is life. I have become very real with that fact. Without God I would not be where I am, who I am, or getting through the hard times this last year.
Coming from a Senior in College, Stay Close and Strong in your relationship with God. You'll have bad times but He is ALWAYS there, and in HIS PERFECT TIMING things will work out for the good.