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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stepping Up to the Heights

Hi! This has been the catchphrase around our youth group for the past few days, and I thought it would be really awesome for our blog. "Praying for deer feet." Now, some of you are probably going... "why would you pray for deer feet? that's weird." But let me tell you.

Last week, our youth group went to a camp where Louie Giglio was the speaker. For those of you who don't know who that is, go to YouTube and look him up because he's awesome. One night, he was teaching us about being totally for Jesus. And he told us to pray for deer feet. All 6,500 people in that room were totally silent and just stared at him. Then he pointed us to Habakkuk 3:19. It says "The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights." - NIV.

Do you see what this is saying to us? We must pray to God to give us deer feet. Now for those of you who are hoping to wake up tomorrow morning and find your feet have been turned into hooves, I don't think that's gonna happen. But praying for deer feet means praying that God will give us the strength, endurance, courage, and ability to reach the heights. When we do reach the heights, we can make His name famous throughout the world. But remember, reaching the heights won't be just simply "okay I'm ready to be at the top of the mountain now." It'll take some work, and it won't always be easy. Also, we don't have to wait till we're at the very top to start spreading His good news. Tell everyone on your way!

So, next time you say your prayers, simply pray for deer feet. Pray for deer feet, and step up.

In Service to the King,

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Good News Bearer said...

"deer feet"
reminds me of the song :As the deer panteth".