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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Best Friend

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've almost done it several times but every time I almost did I just couldn't. I've struggled with what to talk about, but I've decided to talk about my best friend, His name is Jesus Christ. These last few weeks have been really hard for me, I've found out that some of my best friends are really messing up their lives and well to be honest, it feels like everyone is changing. In one of my classes this year everyone cusses. I really have felt like I have absolutely no one to rely on, but someone really helped me to remember that I always have someone; His name is Jesus. While many people feel as if no one has been in their shoes, someone has. This person died on the cross for sins He DID NOT commit. He was rejected by people; people made fun of Him; this person's name is Jesus. So I guess the best thing that I can tell you is that while your world may feel like it's turning upside down you have Jesus! He is steady and unchanging; His love never fails. And even if everything in your life feels great, don't forget that you still need Him!



Brooke said...

Lauren, I love your posting. It is true, Jesus really is your best friend, really will never leave you. I'm so your friends are changing, I know how hard that is because I've been through that and still go through it with friends in college. Keep trusting God and know that he will bring you the best friends anyone could ask for. I know this may seem hard to understand right now, but God may be using the friends changing to bring you closer to him. I know the feeling. I've been through a lot lately (Sarah may have told you or you may have read my blog). Just know that He is the only thing constant!

I'm praying for you! I'm here you if need to talk to chat or just need some encouragement!

Good News Bearer said...

He is my Best Friend.
Nobody can understand me like Him.