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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Poll

Normally, we put the poll over on the right side of the page. But this is a different kind of poll we want to run this time. This will be an ongoing poll for a while so that new readers can answer to it, too. We want as many responses to this as possible. To respond, you can either leave a comment for other viewers to read or you can send us an email: peragus2@hotmail.com. Eventually, we will compile the results and leave another post sharing what we've found. So, here's the poll question:

Would it be harder for you to share Christ with a stranger or with a friend and why?

We're really interested to see what happens with this. It might help us in writing future posts as well. Thanks a lot everyone!

In Christ's Love,
Sarah & Lauren

1 comment:

Levi Bendixen said...

I'd say its easier to talk to strangers. You can just get right in there and talk